Be You Health Studios.

Bringing branding into the built environment

The new health studio branding was applied across the building, staff uniform, website, social media and all associated marketing collateral. Be You asked us to develop a brand identity which reflected their natural, healthy approach to health and fitness, which accentuated their spa-like environment and was contemporary and also approachable.

Collaboration with multiple individuals and industries was required in order to deliver the project successfully. We worked with carpenters, sign-writers, shopfitters and interior designers to ensure the branding was brought to life in the overall look of the gym, from the fixtures and fittings to the uniform and signage.

Be You Health Studio branding


The health studio branding must be consistent at every touch point and in every aspect of the business, from signage to building materials.

Be You Health Studio branding guidelines

Brand guidelines

These show how the colour palette and logo should be used across different media.

Signage & building materials

Wood was used to accentuate the natural, environmental approach and to convey a spa-like feel which is more relevant to the brand than a standard gym feel.

Health studio branding was applied to staff uniforms

Branded clothing

Staff clothing was designed to show the branding clearly and to convey a clinical but natural feel.

Photography library

Photographs were commissioned and art-directed for use across all marketing material. The photos convey the state-of-the-art facilities while maintaining the warm and friendly feel of the brand.

Video library

Videos were used for welcomes, testimonials and exercise routines. The style of videography reflected the clean, uncluttered feel of the Be You branding.


The website incorporated the brand style, design techniques and photography, ensuring a seamless transition between online and offline.

Be You Health Studio branding was applied to their door drop leaflet

Door drop

A door drop leaflet was designed for distribution during Covid. It gave practical, useful exercise advice and positioned Be You as a friendly, approachable health studio. The use of wipeable anti-bac card was a relevant touch.

Be You Health Studio branding was developed for premium creative marketing

Employee health check

Used to promote the employee health check service to business leaders, the personalised invitation was designed in a corporate variation of the Be You branding to reflect the target audience.