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Colour palette
Tone of voice

First impressions count

Your branding is key to communicating your values, attracting your audience and leap-frogging your competitors.

Everything about your brand – the name, logo, colour palette, strapline, design style, font, tone of voice – conveys a message. And this message must resonate with your target audience, give you stand-out in the market place and accurately reflect your brand personality.

Branding is where the art and science of marketing strategy combine. And that combination can create a clear, relevant brand identity that lets your business sing.

// Great branding will resonate with its audience

Brand creation

We look at the market to understand the environment your brand will be operating in and we study your competition to understand what will give you the edge.

It’s only when we have all this information that the branding work begins. The logo is designed, strap lines are developed, colours, design styles, fonts and features are chosen and the brand personality is clearly defined.

And it finishes when we have created a brand identity which speaks to the right people in the right voice – and is heard.

// Speak to the right people in the right voice

Why design

New business

You are launching a new business and need an identity that fits your vision.

New product/service

You are introducing new products or services which require their own identities, but must sit comfortably within your overall branding.


Your existing branding requires a refresh because it’s looking tired and outdated against your competition.


The market or audience have changed or your branding doesn’t accurately reflect what you’re now offering.

Why we ask


We ask a lot of questions to understand what your branding needs to convey. Who is your target audience? What do they need? What do you offer? What makes you different? What is your personality?


Then we look at your broader market, your target audience and your competition, so we really understand the environment in which your brand will be seen.

Art & science

The designers and wordsmiths create an identity that brings everything together. The concepts which meet the brief are taken to the client. The others – however much the designer or their mum loves them – are abandoned. Because the only opinions that matter belong to your target audience.

Why us

The best people

Our designers understand the science of brand design, colour psychology, the impact of fonts. Where they excel is knowing which details separate average design from exceptional design. They know how to ensure a brand image will work across different channels, in print and online, on vehicles and on business cards.

Our copywriters know how to choose the right words to create the brand personality and sell the product, using language that the target audience respond to.

The brand identity we create gives your brand the upper hand.

Our branding projects