Armitage Agri

Armitage Agri, a food and farming consultancy, is one of our more recent branding projects that also incorporates a new WordPress design.

The client required the ability to have creative control when applying the brand to a new website. Therefore, we recommend a WordPress design. WordPress allows us to not only create beautiful looking websites but also utilise the multitude of WordPress tools available.

This means you can have a professional looking site and still manage things yourself like adding content, uploading images, integrating with social media and optimising for search engines. Of course, we provide training, but are equally happy to do all this for you if required.

Our website for Armitage Agri is a great example of how a good design team can bring a WordPress design to life. Built using a standard WordPress template, we ensured all the required functionality was in place and then redesigned the look and feel of the site to reflect the new company branding.

Here you can see how the logo design, inspired by plough lines in a field, and three-tone colour palette help build a brand that runs seamlessly across the company stationery and website.

Armitage Agri Logo Design
Armitage Agri Brand Guidelines
Armitage Agri Stationery Design
Armitage Agri Website Design
Armitage Agri Website Design Mobile First
ClientArmitage Agri
BusinessFood and farming consultancy
MaterialsStationery, brand guidelines, WordPress website
ServicesBranding, web design, UX design

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